Graduate Tuition & Credit Hour Costs

The average semester sticker price for a full-time graduate student is $4,210. Most students don’t pay the sticker price because of grants, loans and scholarships.

You can get a more accurate price using our tuition calculator.


  • Full Graduate Credit – $440 per credit hour ($400 per credit hour for alumni)
  • Audit – $220 per credit hour
  • Personal Enrichment – $133 per credit hour
    • For 3 credit-hour courses, this is charged as a one-time, course access fee of $399.

Semester Fees

All students pay the following semesterly fees:

  • Library – $50
  • IT – $50
  • General – $50

In addition, matriculated students (students enrolled in a degree program) pay the following:

  • Mentor Honorarium – $100
    • This honorarium is processed by the Graduate Office and sent to the student’s mentor.

Pastor-Friendly Discount

  • Full-time pastors pay $340 per credit hour instead of $440.

Paying for college

Payment options

  • Full pay: Pay your semester balance in full and receive a 2% discount.
  • Payment plan: Pay 25% of your total bill at registration – with no
    finance charges.

For more payment details see the catalog.

The federal net price calculator is also available – as is the cost of attendance  – but our calculator is much easier to use and the numbers are more accurate.